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Monday, January 24, 2005

Our New House

Holy Carp!

Its about freakin time we moved into our house. It is a VERY nice house. The furnace works, the water softener works, the washer/dryer work, the fireplace works, the disposal works, the water pressure is right, the fridge works, the dishwasher works, the microwave works. Everything seems to be working like it should, so that is nice. I took a bath in our Garden Tub the first night we were there. Man it was soooo nice. But then the next night I took a shower, WOH, those shower heads they installed are awesome!!! Will I ever take a bath again? Good question.

We moved just about EVERYTHING to the basement. So the upstairs just had the basics, couch, chairs, tables, fridge. The rooms had beds and clothes. Other than that, most everything went to the basement, so it made moving in real easy. No boxes scattered everywhere, nothing. It was really nice. We sold our Hot Tub to Eddie and Sadie, and the word got around at church last Sunday, so now their house has become Stockton Party Central. They are the only ones in Stockton with a Hot Tub. I told them they could pay us anytime, just as long as they paid before we wanted it back. Now if I can just get someone to buy my motorcycle.

Its funny how fast news travels in Stockton. I had Bill Hogan come over to have me sign a contract for my water since they own all the water out here. I mentioned that I seem to have low water pressure, and he got Matt Hogan to come look at it, and he adjusted our regulator (which fixed it). Later than night, Jeff Hogan, how lives a couple houses from ours came over with some cookies and asked about the water pressure. Then Sunday, Russell Beard who also moved in asked if I got my water pressure problem figured out. I was like MAN, news travels fast!

So anyway, that is all that has happened. We need to get some pictures put up and stuff so it feels more like home instead of a hotel. Right now, it isnt very homey, and Amy and I are both homesick for Fruit Heights. Plus we all miss grandma/grandpa and the nice warm meals and endless supply of free food. But we will find a way to survive.

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