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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Well, Im not much in a blogging mood, but I need to write down what I remember about Disneyland before I forget, cause it was really fun.

We got on the airplane Tuesday afternoon. That was the longest morning of our lives. It took soooo long to get from 8am to 1pm when we left for the airport. There were ants in everyones pants.

We got to the airport and boarded the plane. Crystal and Rooker really thought it was neat to get on an airplane and fly in the air. Crystal was a little scared we wouldnt get back down. I felt so bad that Rooker couldnt see out the window cause he was buckled in, that I just unbuckled him and let him watch as we took off.

We got to Disneyland at like 6pm or something and we went to Croc & Bits place to eat. We played with the remote control boats and stuff while we were there. It was nice and relaxing. Then we went to bed, we were all pretty tired.

Wednesday none of us could sleep, so me and the kids went outside at 8amish and walked through Downtown Disney. What a fun place! We looked in all the windows and saw all the neat toys and stuff. Rooker and Crystal really liked the lego store where they had giant dinosaurs, monsters, robots, people, animals, buildings, airplanes, etc all made out of legos. There was even a lego guy sitting on the bench outside the store and he was snoring. It was pretty cool. At 9amish everyone met up and we went to Wetzel's Pretzel's and got hotdogs and cinnamon pretzels for breakfast, yum! Then we mosied on over to Disneyland.

I cant remember all the rides we rode that day. I think we did Buzz Lightyear which Rooker was just absolutely in love with. Part way through the line a giant Buzz tells you about how Zurg is building some super weapon and Buzz needs your help to fight him. Rooker said "we should help him daddy". The anticipation was killing Rooker. Then you get into a car with 2 laser guns, and it takes you through the ride and there are big targets with the letter Z on them that you have to shoot. Rooker kept yelling stuff at me to shoot, he was just loving it. Then when we got to Zurgs room where you have to shoot a giant Emporer Zurg, Rooker was almost ready to explode with excitement, he kept yelling "shoot him! shoot him!" while bouncing up and down in his chair. Phew, what a blast.

We also did Haunted House I remember and maybe the Tiki Room that day. Then we went over to California Adventure and watched "Its tough to be a bug" in 3D. Its really fun. Giant bugs attack you, spiders drop out of the ceiling, bugs run across your feet. Scared Bailey a little, but it was fun.

Then we went to "Soarin over California" which is a ride with a GIANT wrap around movie screen. A lift picks you up and puts you right in front of the screen, then it shows you flying over different places in California. Truly an awesome ride. Crystal was scared that it wouldnt be able to fly us back to Disneyland. But at the end you see Tinkerbell and watch fireworks. How cool is that?

That night we ate at Rainforest Cafe, which is a totally themed out restaurant in Downtown Disney with giant robotic bugs in the trees, vines everywhere, and every 30 mins or so a giant thunderstorm rolls through the restaurant. The food there is excellent as well.

The next day we ate dinner at Ariel's Grotto where all the princesses show up during dinner and you get to give them a hug and take your picture with them. The girls loved it. Rooker just had on the biggest grin, when the pics are posted youll have to see it, its funny. We rode some other stuff that day and did Pirates and Tom Sawyer island too. The kids absolutely LOVED Tom Sawyer Island, with the mess of caves and stuff.

The next day was pretty relaxing. We watched a parade that night which was fun, and they had fireworks. We also went swimming and down the waterslides at the Disneyland Hotel. Spent alot of time looking in the stores. Bailey got a really soft tigger doll that she just loves. Rooker got a giant alligator toy from Rainforest Cafe, and Crystal went to the build a bear workshop where she made a frog named Hopper. She even helped stuff the bear and put a heart in it. Its cute.

We had some problems with our flight on the way home. About 5 mins before we were supposed to fly out, some lady announced that our airplane to get us to SLC was still in SLC and needed to fly to LA first. There was some computer outage or something that caused it. So the airplane arrived 4 hours late. It was hard trying to find something for the kids to do the entire time, but we somehow managed.

We spent just over $400 ourselves for food and toys. Luckily we had that much to spend, so we didnt have to put anything on a credit card.

And Mom and Dad paid for the entire trip, which is amazing.

But it was a good time. And Bailey got to ride in Dumbo which she had wanted to do for at least a month before we went there.

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