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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Completely New Website - COMPLETELY

As you have noticed by now, I have COMPLETELY redone my website. How many times have I done this now? Probably in the 20s by now.

Anyway, Im tired of writing all the software that displays my blogs etc and Im not going to do it anymore. Im trying to reduce and simplify my life.

My home site is now and not anymore. Also, as you can see, I just have links at the top of the page that take you to the different parts of my website, such as this blog, which is now at Took me awhile to get all my old blogs moved over, but its done now. I should be able to get everything else back up here pretty quick.

And yes I know my pics page isnt very user-friendly. Im getting to it.

Anyway, we will see how this works out.

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brett.lyman said...

Have you taken a look at DotNetNuke? I'm currently configuring one for a new website... (yes, I'm moving away from my framework, and for the same reason you created this new website)