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Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July

Im not sure about you, but my 4th of July ROCKED!

We went out to my parents Tuesday morning, and went immediately to Lagoon. Some of us swam with the kids, and some of the kids went on the rides with Amy. We were there for about 4-5 hours. Then everyone went home except me and Brian and Shmoe. We went on Wicked and the 2 Rocket rides. It was awesome. Then we finally went home. Then a bunch of us went and saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the High School and it was amazing! Amy and Sadie and Eddie who had never seen it before just loved it to pieces. Dad and Mom and I were there too and we of course loved it, cause the music is excellent and they still manage to get the story across.

After that we came home and did our own fireworks show. We had 10 bazillion sparklers which the kids ran all over with all night, and Ed and Joe used em to setup an elaborate thing that lit fireworks as the sparkler ran across the fuse. It was alot of smoke and alot of fun. The kids slept on the tramp that night.

The next morning (Wednesday the 4th) we all got up and went to the parade. It was super duper hot, but once the parade started, the kids didnt care anymore. They ran all over getting salt water taffy that was thrown from the parade. And we ended up with ALOT of it.

Then we came home, and made a giant slip & slide with a super long sheet of plastic. We had watermelon while we played. It was really fun. After that me and Amy and Brian took a bunch of kids to the castle park at Nicholls Park. We let them play there for like 1 or so hours. It was just too hot to stay too long. Eventually we ended up back home and had steaks for lunch/dinner. Later that night we all went down to the High School area and watched the fireworks display. Crystal and Rooker fell asleep. The baby woke up, but just stared at the fireworks and didnt cry. Im sure he was just trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

After the amazing fireworks show, we all got back in our Suburban and drove home and crashed.

Phew, what an exciting 2 days.

Mom and Dad sure are nice to let everyone come over and party in their house like that. Im sure we make a huge mess.

This morning my parents and Jeff Lyman and Aunt Lisa Nielson and Joanna Lyman along with Grandma Galli all showed up to my house cause they are taking our new Suburban to California for Haley's wedding. Im sure they will have a blast.

And now Im at work blogging instead of working.

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