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Friday, April 18, 2008

Showing Authority

So Ive been hearing these advertisements on the radio for a product called "The Total Transformation Package". Its a series of pep-talks on how to get your kids to do what you say. Everytime I hear about something like this, some new way to make money, some way to lower your mortgage payments, some miracle way to heal your credit score, or to sue the IRS...., I immediately look it up on the internet so I can read all the stories and forums of the morons who fall victim to these kinds of advertisements and get ripped off. There is truly no end to the guillibility of the human race. And if there is anything I enjoy, it's someone else's drama.

HOWEVER, while looking up this Total Transformation Package, I ran across a single line in someones blog that hit me like something that hits you hard.

"The best way to show authority to your kids, is to control your temper."

Then it went off on all this psychological junk on how losing your temper reduces your emotional credibility to their very same level, or less, and at that point, no one is in charge, and so you resort to physical displays to "put them in their place".

Well, it cut me to the core.

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