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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Game: Catan Card Game

This game is fantastic. It costs $20 and is for 2 players only. For an additional $20, you can buy 6 expansions for it. But I have only played the base game so far.

The most surprising thing about this game, is its depth. Especially for a card game. In its simplest form, you are trying to build a province (complete with Knights, Cities, Roads, Harbors, Libraries, Churches, Farmers, etc) before your opponent does. The resources with which to do this with are limited, hence the competition. Different accomplishments award you points, and the first one to reach 12 points wins. One accomplishment for example is to have that strongest army of Knights. Another is to be the province that does the most commerce. And another is to simply build a city. You gotta beware of the brigands who steal resources, and the plague which sweeps your cities every now and then, and you gotta prepare yourself for the Knight Tournaments which happen fairly often.

All that, in a card game? You betcha. Awesome!

The expansions add things like Dragons and Wizards, Politics and Spies, and I cant remember all the others. I think there is even a Pirate expansion.

Anyone up for a challenge?

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