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Monday, November 3, 2008


Everything that happens at my parents is awesome. Everything. Every year we go there for Halloween, and every year it is spectacular. We played games, talked about shtuff, watched some scary shows, ate food on top of all the candy, stayed up too late, and generally had a good time.

Crystal, Rooker and Bailey all made the long route with me and Joe this time. I even had rollerblades on, and I was really tired by the end. Poor little Bailey, her bag got so full of candy it got to heavy for her. So I would carry it between houses, and then she would drag it to the door. Rooker got tired by the end too. When we finally made it back to the house, they were all glad they stuck it out cause they had a huge amount of loot.

We slept there Fri and Sat nights and then we all went to Dan and Rikis ward for their baby blessing. Afterword we all had a good time hanging out at their house and eating even more.

My life, my wifes life, and the life of my kids is perfect. We always have somewhere to go and something to do every holiday weekend, and we never bore of each other.

Its so nice to always be happy and content.

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