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Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Car - Sorry Daniel

Im gonna eat some crow here, and I know it.

So I have been a big fan of cheap cars for awhile. I havent had to pay for a car in a long time, I always got the ones my parents were getting rid of. But the time came for me to actually purchase my own car, and last March I bought a 2000 Chevy Prizm for $3000.

It was sweet. Its was the trashmaster deluxe, and I was happy as a clam to be driving my own piece of junk, while everyone else drove their nice expensive cars. Its fun knowing you paid sometimes 1/10th of what they did for their cars. Sure its nice to drive a nice car, but I was spending my $400 on myself, while they were sending it to some bank to pay for their car.

Well, its been 8 months since then, and I have grown to really dislike it. 2 hours a day in driving, and Ive come to really hear the road, and the wind, and the engine for too long. It gets on my nerves that I cant hear who Im talking to through my bluetooth headset, and I have to blast the radio to hear the talk-shows.

So Ive come to the conclusion that there is a happy medium somewhere between the amount you spend on a car and the comfort it affords you while you drive it.

So as of about 1 week ago, I started looking for a quieter, smoother car. I knew I had to go larger in order to achieve it, but thats ok. I only had a few requirements. It had to be white, quiet, smooth, and have a bench seat in the front, and be around $9,000.

I looked at the Lincoln Town car, the Cadillac Deville, the Chevy Malibu, and I just couldnt really settle on one. The nicest ones were just too big, and the small ones werent as nice as the big ones. So I went to CarMax.

CarMax is great. You can drive anything you want. I told them exactly what I wanted (white, smooth, bigger, bench seat, etc) and they let me try a Ford Fusion, a Chevy Malibu, a Cadillac ST, and none of them were quite right. I told them the Cadillac was too big and the Malibu was too small. Then he said, "Well, there is the Chevy Impala, its kind of in between the mid-size and full-size" so he let me drive one of those. And it was gorgeous. Sure, it wasnt white, and it was $14,000, but it drove like a dream, and had the bench seat, and had about 29,000 miles on it.

So, I didnt buy anything and left in my trashmaster.

I poked around, and I stumbled on the most amazing deal ever. A 2007 Chevy Impala, with 17,000 miles, for $9,900. AND IT WAS WHITE!!! And plus it had tinted windows in the back (BONUS) and the feature where the engine turns off 3 cylinders while its cruising or idling (DOUBLE BONUS). On the freeway it gets about 34 MPG and 26MPG in the city. Thats even better than my trashmaster!

I immediately called the guy and tried my hardest to pull out of him why the car was priced so low. He said simply that he was in dire need of the money.

So I went over there, checked it out, drove it around, looked at every thing I could possible think of, made sure he was a decent person (which he was), he lived in a normal house with his wife, owned a local Fantastic Sams and had alot to say about hair.

Since I couldnt find any red flags, I went ahead and bought it and drove it away. It was his wifes car, and she honestly got a little emotional while signing the title over, she said its the best car she has ever had.

So thats it.

Its beautiful. I called my wife on my bluetooth earpiece to let her know, and I could actually hear her. It even has a CD player, which my trashmaster doesnt have. It even has remote lock, which my trashmaster doesnt. And it drives like a dream.

So I need to apologize especially to Daniel for giving him such crap about his car. I have seen the light and realize that there IS a happy medium when it comes to cars. And I hope I have found mine.

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