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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sinclair Gas Card

Awhile ago, when gas was through the roof, we signed up for a Sinclair Gas MasterCard. It literally debits 7% off your gas purchase right off your credit card bill when you fill up at any Sinclair Gas Station, and 2% from any other gas station or actually any other purchase. You dont get a check, you dont get gift certificates, it just comes right off your statement. Its awesome.

I was just barely looking at this months statement, and this year so far, we have had $511.87 refunded to our card. Thats amazing to me. Its another $511.87 I didnt have to earn. Thats a better return than my savings account. Thats even a better return than funding a home mortgage at 5.5%. Ill bet its even a better return than some of your investments, especially now.

Of course this only works if you pay off your entire statement every month (which we do) otherwise you get hit with the 15.49% interest, which will end up being more than what your saving anyway.

But in our case, thanks to Sinclair for the $511.87 this year so far.

1 comment:

MARIE said...

Wow, that' a lot. I think i would prefer the cashola to the savings on my statement but that's just me. Don't you just want to go out and buy something totally frivolous now?