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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Robot Carnage

Lately Rooker has been making robots and spaceships etc out of paper, which is alot cheaper than buying real toys from the store. Well 2 nights ago I found ALOT of cut up paper all around the piano. I knew it was Rooker, and it always frustrates me that our kids think they can play somewhere, get it all messy, and then just leave and move on without cleaning up their mess.

So I went downstairs to address it with Rooker and get him to clean it up. I asked him why he thought it was ok to cut up paper and just leave it all over the piano. He explained to me that "that is where the giant monster robot was fighting and blew up. If I clean up all the pieces, then when the army guys come try to put him back together, they wont be able to find all the pieces."

Well..... I was stumped. He did have a good point. How CAN they rebuild the robot if the pieces arent there?

All I could say was "ok". I accepted my fate as a parent and cleaned it up later that night, but this time I wasnt just picking up cut pieces of paper, but the aftermath of an epic battle against the monster robot menace.

Sometimes kids dont intend to make a mess, they just havent finished the story yet.

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