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Friday, February 20, 2009

Draper Temple Tour

Me and Amy and Crystal and Rooker and Baily and Bridger and Brynzi all went to the Draper Temple Open House Tour last wednesday. The temple is really pretty.

You start at a church building where you watch a 12 minute video and listen the sister missionaries passionately tell you how wonderful the temple is. Then we boarded a very nice bus (which the kids really enjoyed) and took a 6 minute ride to the temple. The closer to the temple you got, the more ornate and extravagant the houses got. Im sure there was a temple amongst all that, but I couldnt peel my eyes away from the giant houses.

Bailey was excited to see the baptismal font with the 12 oxen cause she had seen it in pictures, Crystal loved seeing the rooms painted in forest scenes. Rooker enjoyed touching everything and getting ahead of the group. Bridger enjoyed about 10 seconds of the 1 hour tour. And Brynzi was perfect the entire time.

In one of the sealing rooms they shut the doors and some guy talked about what goes on in that room. Bailey couldnt find the guy who was talking and asked me if it was Jesus' voice.

At the end of the tour you go to a church house in the same parking lot and they feed you cookies and water. When asked what she remembers most, Bailey replied "I liked the church with the cookies in it".

Then we all went to Sizzler, ate till the site of food made us gag, and went home.

Im fairly convinced that anything we do in life, wether it be spiritual, educational, or whatever, boils down to how yummy the cookies are at the end.

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Unknown said...

I can't believe there is a temple in Draper. Draper use to be mostly populated by the piligimists. Danjee's brother lives there now and it is such a pretty area.