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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Good Scary Movies

Im not a big fan of mindless slashing or gore in horror movies. I want a scary movie where the plot actually makes sense. It can have some jump scenes, but not too many. I want to just be plain scared out of pure fear of what is going on. I also like the scary movies where your still scared when its over. Here are some of my favorites.

What Lies Beneath (PG13)
This stars Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer. Their chemistry as a married couple is absolutely horrible, but the plot is good and due to the cast, the twist is well pulled off. I loved it.

The Others (PG13)
Starring Nicole Kidman, this is a haunting type show, also with a twist. But its got plenty of jumpy scary scenes. Its the small things that happen with the "others" that keep you scared. Like the doors closing by themselves, or the piano playing, which suddenly stops right before she gets to the room to see who it is. Its the mystery behind the haunting. I loved it.

The Ring (PG13)
I think this movie is only really scary if you watched it in theatres. This is one of the very few movies that I still felt scared for a time after I saw the movie. Most movies resolve themselves by the end, and this one didnt. Also, the DVD has some scenes that give the plot some more depth whereas the normal movie is more about being scared out of your pants with a plot on the side. This is the scardest Ive ever been in a theatre, not sure you could pull it off on your own TV. There is one part at the end that is just outright terror, and some girls in the back of theatre just started screaming, it was unreal. Not jumpy, just extremely intense.

The Skeleton Key (PG13)
Starring Kate Hudson, this movie is absolutely fantastic. The plot is perfect and the twist at the end is actually believable. Its a little about voodoo, so its got that creepy evil feeling most all of the movie. Im not sure I can stress how satisfying the storyline of this movie was. And although the storyline was resolved in the end, you feel slightly empty and in awe of what transpired and having been fooled the entire time. Just fantastic.

The Sixth Sense (PG13)
I dont think I liked this quite as much as everyone else. The twist at the end was a little too much for me, but the idea behind the story was really well done. And the fear factor was more out of being unable to cope with the reality of the show than with it being actually scary. But I enjoyed it nevertheless.

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Riki Lee said...

I completely agree with you about scary movies. They're not my thing, but Daniel always wants to watch them this time of year, so maybe we'll have to try "Skeleton Keys" since you so highly recommend it.