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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Durfee Christmas Party

This last weekend was really fun. We went to Idaho Saturday morning to spend some time on the farm and to do the Durfee Family Christmas thing. It was fun. Amy's mom finally got a billion rolls of film developed, so they passed those all around the room. There were alot of pics of our kids and stuff when they were little. Rooker looked almost exactly like Bailey when he was little. We are going to take our scanner down there one weekend and get them all scanned in and put on the website. Other than that we just hung out and ate alot of homemade toffee. Good stuff!

Then we came home Sunday after church and everyone was at my parents house. Bryan, Marie, Ed, Sade, Maddey, and Libby. They were all there cause it was Ben's 18th birthday. It was really fun. I got a dice game called "Stack" at the Durfee Christmas party. You can have up to 8 players. Its really simple and fun, but it makes alot of enemies during the game. We played it with everyone at my parents for about an hour last night. Fun stuff!

It was nice to sleep back in my Memory Foam Pad bed last night.

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