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Friday, October 8, 2004

Right Place at the Right Time

We got a washer and dryer yesterday. It was an amazing coincidence. Me and Amy have been looking at washers and dryers for about 3 weeks now, and we could never come to terms with purchasing a brand new one at Granite or RC Willey. The money just wasn't right. Although they do have some amazing washers now with some awesome features. But they are like $800+. Who can afford that?

So we have been looking at purcashing some used ones and I have called around some from ads in the papers, but it seems washers/dryers get bought the same day they get listed, cause everyone was saying they were already sold.

So I found this place down the road from the office called "Best Family Appliance" which is a place that buys used washers/dryers and resells them. So we showed up Wednesday to look around, and just the night before they got this set that came in as a trade-in. They are fairly newer and whoever had them took very good care of them. They were listed at $400 for the set! The washer is even Super Capacity! So I called Amy on the cell and bought them right then and there.

Tomorrow my uncle Mike and I are going to go pick them up and take them out to Ed and Sade's house in Stockton. Eddie has a HUGE oversized garage and they agreed to store them till we get moved in.

PLUS Amy had an uncle who died, and so ppl were claiming all his belongings (cause his wife had already died earlier). Well, no one wanted the fridge. So Amy's dad picked it up for us. It is brand new too. So we also have a fridge.

Now we just need a DVD/VCR player and some curtains and we should be set to go.

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