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Thursday, November 4, 2004


So Disneyland was a total blast. What else could it have been? Bryan thought everything was lame except Indiana Jones and Splash Mountain. So he's not allowed to come anymore.
We took Crystal and Rooker with us and they were mostly a pain in the neck, but we somehow survived. The plane ride to Disneyland was really hard on Rooker. He didnt like the change of pressure in the cabin at all, he cried for alot of it. It was kind of embarrasing. But we finally got there and then everything was much better.

The first night we just went to eat and then went to bed. I slept really well that night as did Amy and the kids.

The second day, Wednseday, we finally went to Disneyland and rode some of the big rides that day since there was hardly anyone around. It was nice, most lines were 5 minutes or less on the waiting. Marie spent most of her time tending the kids that day since she was pregnant and couldnt go on any of the big rides anyway. Then later that night we soaked in the hot tub, and it was SOOOOOO nice. Then we all had a really good sleep that night. Oh yeah, and we had dinner in the Rain Forest Cafe that night. It was good food. I got shrimp stuffed with Jalapeno, Cream Cheese, and Bacon. It was really good.

The next day, Thursday, we just took things slow and went on most of the kids rides with the kids, like Mr. Toads Wild Ride, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, The Carousel. It was just a nice slow day. We had lunch in the Blue Bayou (the on by Pirates). I had the Jumbalaya, and man was it delicious. I could eat that stuff every day. Me, Amy, and the kids went to the pool after lunch and Rooker and Crystal just went down this little mini 6-foot water slide over and over and over and over. They loved it. We did that for like 2 hours and then went back to the park to watch the parade. Crystal loved the parade and Rooker just fell asleep.

The last day, Friday, we just puttered around the whole day. We ate at some little place on Main Street Disneyland. They had the best clam chowder there that I have had in a looong time. It was scrumptious! Not much else happened this day. We all kind of split up and just did whatever. Some went swimming, some went and waited in the long lines, some went shopping. Then later that night we all met at the hotel and watched the fireworks from our room. It was cool. The kids loved the fireworks. Then me, Ben, and Bryan all went to ESPN Zone and spent a billion dollars playing arcade games. I was really tired and left early and Ben and Bryan played NFL Blitz all freaking night.

The next morning (Saturday, Halloween) we met in the lobby at 6:30 am and got on a shuttle to catch our plane. We got home sometime in the afternoon, unpacked some and then got dressed up and went Halloweening. Crystal and Rooker were just in shock that you could ring a doorbell, say trick or treat, and get candy put in your bucket. Rooker had to stop after each house and find out what his new treat was he just got. He was funny. Crystal didnt want to stop. We only did like 10 houses, but Crystal kept saying she wanted to do more and more. But we went home cause it got too cold and then Crystal and Rooker ate candy like maniacs. But lucky for us, no one got a stomach ache that night.

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