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Sunday, November 28, 2004

I hate giving talks at church

Last wednesday, we went out to our house to see if anything had been done on it. We have been visiting it every weekend religiously, but they have had sheetrock lying against all the walls, but none of it was nailed up. Its been in this state for like 2-3 weeks. Well, finally, last wednesday we went out and they had almost the whole thing sheetrocked. So it is finally moving somewhat. They also have put the doors on. Hopefully this week we will see some real progress, like maybe start painting or something. Who knows.

Also, today Amy and I have to give a talk in church. Amy's topic is Gratitude and mine is Sanctification. Yeah, why did they give me such a weird/hard topic? Anyway, Ill give it a run and see what I come up with. I prepared it some last night and some this morning. It should all work out ok. We are supposed to speak for 12 minutes a piece, and he said it would be ok if the church got out early.

We had a good Thanksgiving. We spent it in Idaho on the farm. We actually had 2 Thanksgiving dinners. 1 with Amy's mom's side and the other with her dad. They were both nice. The kids love going to the farm. It snowed really bad last night on our way home, the roads were really bad, lots of ppl slid off the road. We were lucky that nothing happened to us.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

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