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Thursday, December 2, 2004

The Hypnotic Depths of Insomnolent Lethargy

Life is really busy right now. At work we have soo much going on, I never finish my todo list by the end of the day, and seein as I don't have anything but a single room at home to my name, it makes it hard to work from home, or to get in the "mode". So I generally don't work from home. But at our new house, I have my own office! It will be so nice. It will be an ivory tower of sequestered asylum providing immunity for me as I leave my wife harborless in the turbulent sea of lawlessness and pandemonium which has taken up residence in the behavior of our kids.
Basically, at work we are doing a bunch of LDS temples in South America, and we also got a job to do some Stake Centers and Family History centers in Japan. And it all has to be done by Jan 1 2005. So there's a bustle about hiring ppl to help with the installs and getting travel arrangements all done etc. But I am pretty certain we will be able to pull it all off. But December is going to be one busy month.

Im trying to get Rodger (my manager) to get me a new cell phone. The one I have STINKS! It is always dropping calls. The one I want is Nokia 6820 that has a calendar built into it, and plus it has the feature to be able to sync it with my the calendar software on my laptop. I have been trying to figure out a calendar system that works for me for a long time, but have never been able to figure one out. I tried a Palm Pilot, too big, I tried a little pocket book calendar, lost it about a million times, and I even tried one on a cell phone, but it was too much of a pain to type stuff in using that stinky little key pad. BUT I did used to have an online calendar, but the problem was that you had to be on the internet in order to look at it. BUT with a phone that will sync with my online there is the least I hope. Oh to have a perspicuous life of systematic method free of the daily discomposure analogous to the uncoordinated chain of life's typical routine.

Our house...I got an email that said that they are looking at finishing the house on the 4th of Jan 2005. Most likely we will be moving in pretty close to my birthday. It would be a nice birthday present. We are headed out there this Saturday to look at it. We will take some pics. Hopefully they have all the sheetrock done and maybe even a little more. I need to remember to call the propane guy and get our propane tank installed...I keep forgetting, and its probably pretty important.

Amy and I went and saw the movie National Treasure with Nicolas Cage. It was PRETTY good. It was a little bit too unbelievable, but it was a fun movie nevertheless. How can you go wrong with an archeological hunt for the worlds greatest treasure that involves the secret society of the Free Masons? Its fun, but I would wait till it was at the $1 theatre or on video.

Thats it for tonight, I'm headed to bed. Got another busy day at work tomorrow!

Oh yeah, and one more thing. We purchased a Memory Foam mattress pad. You may have seen the commercials where some dude presses their hand into the pad it retains the shape of the hand for a little bit? Well, we bought a 2 inch pad and put it on top of our bed. OH MY HECK, I LOVE IT. They are expensive, but we got ours on for $60 - for a King size none the less! It is like sleeping on marshmallows. It enspheres to the shape of your body and ingests you into its hypnotic depths of somnolent lethargy. Ahhhhhhhh. ZZZZZZZZZ.

Now I've gotten myself all excited to go to bed.

Nighty night.

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