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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

What a weekend

Ok, so everything and everything happened this last weekend. It was just crazy.

Mormon Tab Show
We went to see the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Show and it was excellent. I thought it would just be some dumb choir concert, but it was actually choreographed and stuff. They had dancers dancing in the aisles, they had a bell choir, they had these 10 drummers come in and start pounding away, it was cool. What a concert.

Marriot Stay
Of course every year we do the Marriot Stay where the whole immediate family and anyone else who wants, goes and stays one night in the Marriot attached to the Crossroads Plaza. It was really fun. We just ate at the food court, watched a pantomime, played a few dumb arcades, sat in the hot tub, suffocated in the sauna, order room service, and played a new dice game called Stack. It was pretty fun. BUT THE BEST PART was that all our 3 kids were in Idaho with Grandma Durfee on the farm. It was great. It was so nice to sit down at the restaurant and not have to get anyones food, or have to tell anyone to sit down, or not have to worry about them in the pool. It was such a good vacation!

Stockton Home
They have done quite a bit on the home. It is all painted inside and they were putting the stucco on when we went out last Saturday. It is coming along very nicely and quickly. I am excited.

Thats it.

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