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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas

What a christmas weekend it has been. We drove to Idaho Thursday about 6pm-ish. It was a nice drive, the kids slept most of the way there. Then when we got there we just hung out and watched IRobot (which by the way is an AWESOME movie). That was about the extent of that day. Nice and relaxing.

Friday we did lots more TV watching and Jan made lots of treats. I ate and ate and ate till I was sick - literally. So I quit eating the junk and Janis had made some real nice vegetable soup which made me feel WAY better! Then some of Amy's cousins came over and we played "Battle of the Sexes" which is a really hard game. You basically have to answer questions that only the opposite gender would know. Like how do you stop a run in a female's stockings? Or how many weeks is a full pregnancy? But the women have to answer manly questions as well, lots of them having to with beer that I didnt know the answer to either. It was pretty fun and the girls beat our pants off. Then that night Grandma Dot came over (Janis' Mom) and we sang songs and read the Christmas story.

Saturday (today) we got up and werent allowed into the room for a bit so grandma could get her camera ready. Then we went in and Crystal and Rooker went berserk on their presents. Crystal got a glow in the dark Care Bear that she just loves to death. I am afraid it has replaced Mr. Frog now. Rooker got a bunch of farm animal figurines that he played with for a while. He never spends much time with anything except Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story.

Around 11ish we drove out to my parents. Just about everyone arrived at the same time. We all sat in a circle and kind of took turns opening presents. Marie made these awesome pics of our kids for Amy. Mom bought everyone nice Oreck vacuums and dart guns. We played dart guns forever in the basement, it was a blast! Then we just ate junk food and messed around. Joe got this huge basketball game where you throw balls into the hoops and they roll back to you. Pretty fun.

Amy's mom and Jon got me the computer game World of Warcraft. Its a HUGE online multiplayer game where you actually become a character in a virtual world. Every character in the game is another player. You can go on quests in groups or solo, and you level your character. You can build your skills and weapons and then go fight that dark side (which is also other players). You can build your own house and live in it. The map you play in is HUMONGOUS. It has large landmasses seperated by huge bodies of water. It has entire underwater cities, lots of dungeons, hundreds of quests, different animals you can tame and ride, spells and skills to learn. Its a HUGE game. It costs $50 to buy and $15 a month to play. So anyway, Ill give it a run and see if I stick with it. It should be alot of fun.

Our house is still coming along, but it will never be fast enough. I am certain we will get in sometime in Janurary, but when is unknown. They have been saying it will be done on the 4th, but I think it will be at least another 1-2 weeks beyond that. The sooner the better!

Ok, going to bed now, nighty night!

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