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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

4:15am, 4 days a week


I have gotten up at 4:15am 2 days in a row now. Thank you, thank you *bows*. The most interesting thing about it, is that it hit me yesterday how much I enjoy getting up that early. I can get TONS done before anyone even shows up to work. It of course doesn't make any sense, since I have slept in my entire life. But so far I have found that it is more enjoyable to have those extra hours than it is to sleep them away.

Of course, I am talking here with only 2 days experience in the matter. Heaven only knows that in one weeks time, I may blog about how much I hate the early mornings. But at least now I have documented that there was a time in my life when I enjoyed waking up before the rest of the world.

The other nice thing, is I now only have to work Monday - Thursday, and I get the rest of the weekend off. How nice is that? Its awesome!

I feel like my standard of living went way up in the last few days. I get up early, go the bed early, have a nice house, get amazing work hours, and live in a wonderful place.

The 1 hour commute to work hasnt been near as bad as I thought it would be. I get to ride with Eddie, and it turns out he has LOTS of interesting things to say about life and the Army. Its amazing what a person can learn if they just shutup and listen to the people talking. My dad doesnt talk near as much as Eddie does, but if you hit the right subject, he would really let loose on what he thinks about things, and it was fun to listen to him "run at the mouth" too while carpooling to work. My dad is actually very opinionated, but he is very reserved about actually sharing any of it cause most people are swine. Mathew 7:6. So if my dad ever shares an opinion with you, you can be rest assured he considers you above the swine of the earth. Of course, this is all my own observance, my dad has never said any of this to me.

Woh, went from commute to all that, I better quite writing before I say something I shouldnt.


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