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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Showerhead & Internet

Its amazing how much difference a nice showerhead can make. The ones that came with our house dont look that expensive, but HOLY CRAP they are sooooo nice. They have 2 settings, one that acts like a normal shower with a million little streams of water, and then the other setting is 3 very hard streams of water that come out the middle. Amy has it set to do half and half. I LOVE IT!!! I actually look forward to my morning shower. AND, its amazing how much easier it is to wake up at 4:15am when you have such a nice shower.

We spent the weekend at Amy's parents house, and they just have the common showerhead like most houses, and it just wasnt the same. I didnt enjoy the shower near as much, and I couldnt wait till I got home to my own shower. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love my shower!

Lymanbros has finally agreed to put a tiny sat dish at my house to serve me high speed internet. Currently they are gonna give me 2Mbps. So that will be nice as I am DYING with the dial-up. Talk about the worst technology EVER!!! It always disconnects, its slow, it takes up your phone line, its just plain sucks. Will be nice to have some broadband.

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