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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Just a blag.

Im just bloggin. Nothing particular to blog about. Everything at work is good. Most things at home are good. We have apparently used 1/2 our propane tank, and they wanted $300 to fill it up. We told them just to put 100 gallons in at $1.50 per gallon. That is some expensive gas! I dont even know where it goes? Our furnace is electric. We only use propane on water heater and fireplace. It was probably the fireplace, we had it on alot. Sometimes all night.... oops.

Its nice to have Ed back in town. Someone to talk to on the way to work, instead of blasting the music and singing at the top of my lungs to keep awake.

So we dont even own a DVD player. How pathetic is that? Well, its been nice that the kids are forced to watch VHS tapes. They can beat them up all they want, and they never break. I dont know how many DVDs we have thrown away cause our kids have destroyed them.

I hear the movie Hitch is really good. Havent seen it, but heard it was really funny for guys and a great chick flick for girls.

They finally started finishing the deck on our house. And the fireplace people are supposed to show up on Friday to put in our fireplace blower. We found a small problem with our master bathroom. The hot water dial doesnt turn very far and therefore doesnt let through enough hot water for a hot shower. I called Danielle Johnson of Wasatch Homes and she said she would have someone come look at it. That will be nice.

What else?

Nothing, Bye.

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