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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Boonie Life

Last night I finally got our LBiSat dish up. It is soooooo nice. I get about 500kbps download, which isnt bad at all. Especially compared to crappy 42kbps dialup. Plus I dont have to use the phone line and its on all the time. We had the house pre-wired with a ethernet cable from the basement to the loft office. So we just plugged the netmodem into the basement, then plugged that cable into the netmodem, then up in the loft, I plugged my wireless router into the wall, and voila, I got internet flooding my house now. It is sooooooo nice.

Last night, while setting up the dish, it got dark really fast. When I went out to make some changes to the dish direction, I was amazed at all the stars. It was sooooo pretty. And it was VERY dark cause there are no street lights, no house lights, nothing. Also, it was super quiet. No cars, nothing. It was a little eery, but I think I will come to like it.

So at night we have an owl who perches atop our house. And he HOOTS and HOOTS all night. He is pretty loud. But its kind of cool, so I doubt we will do anything about it.

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