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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Wowser Weekend

Had a pretty exciting weekend.

Arnie our shipping guy had a mild heart attack. They found 3 veins which are 75% blocked and he has to have triple bypass open heart surgery. He is out a couple of months.

Marie's baby is still in the hospital as far as I know. The baby is supposed to be released today. It was not having enough bowel movements and they couldnt figure out why.

Sadies baby Libby fell off the bathroom counter and bonked her head on Friday. Sunday after church she had a seizure so Sade took her to the ER and they discovered her skull had a crack and kept her for the night. The Dr said that the skull would heal and just to leave it but wanted her to wear a helmet. Sade thought it would drive Libby crazy, so they just told her to watch Libby closely and make sure she doesnt bump her head while it heals. Then monday Libby got a fever of 102. Mom called me and by the time I got over there the fever had gone and Libby was acting normally. Of course Ed is gone this whole time out with the Army, so it was pretty stressing for Sadie. Monday night Sades sisters came up to stay with Sade while Ed is gone to help her through this. Nothing as good as family.

Thats it, fun stuff huh?

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