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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Monstrosities and Such

Motorcycle Sold
Ahhhhh. One of the monstrositys of my life has finally been removed. I bought a motorcycle like 2 or so years ago because I was tired of my cars dying and not having a car to drive to work. It finally came to a point where my white Ford Escort died and I decided I wasnt gonna fix it anymore, and bought a motorcycle to take to work instead. Riding motorcycles is really fun. There is a rushing sense you get when you drive around a motorcycle.

It wasnt 2 months before I layed it down. I was turning a corner on state, probably not more than 5 miles per hour, and hit some oil on the road and the wheels slid and down went I and the motorcycle. I did get it all repaired and stuff, but I lost interest in it and we moved away and got a new car blah blah blah and I never drove it really again. I still took it for a spin now and then, but that didnt merit the room it was taking up in my garage. So I offered it to a guy and a really good price and he took it. So now it is gone, and I have reclaimed that space in my garage, and I no longer have to look at a bike collecting dust and feeling guilty I dont ride it and take care of it.

Now if I could just get rid of my brand new, unused, hot tub!

Laying Sod
Woh yeah. Spent last weekend doing far more work than our bodies were designed to do, but we got sod laid in the front and east side of the house. It was 3900 sq ft total. We bought 4 loads of dirt to spread too, which was actually the hardest part. Thanks to Brett, Rusty, Mom, Amy, and Dad for coming out and helping us lay all the sod. Dad helped us design and put in the sprinkler system as well and it is all automatic and waters by itself during the night. HOLY MACREL it is sooooooo nice. The yard looks MUCH nicer with sod rather than dirt. Now I need to plant trees and do the flowerbeds. But we need to catch up our finances.

Savings Depleted
Blah. Why is it that everytime you get some money, and make a few plans, life comes along and takes it all away? It really is a great plan, save some money, get enough to do something, then end up spending it on some stupid emergency and never get to do what you wanted in the first place. It happens 100% of the time. 100%! We have a couple thousand in savings, at least until Rooker decided to drink a bottle of liquid allergy medicine, and we had to make an emergency trip to the hospital, and then our van decided to have $900 worth of problems, and then the car decided to have $1800 worth of problems. This pretty much took care of whatever our plans were with that money.

But you know what? If the glass is half-full, I could say, it sure is a good thing that we had enough savings to cover every single emergency expense that has come our way so far without having to borrow a single cent. And we still have some money left in savings. And we even had enough to do the lawn and sprinkler system. Of course, we are gonna have to not do anything else, but we made it this far on our own somehow.

Death of a Loved One
Yes, my laptop has died. I was working on it yesterday when it up and quit on me. Then the screen started to go black, and now it wont even boot. I personally think the processor got fried. The fans on that thing have been working overtime lately and I have had the laptop overheat on me a few times this last past few weeks, and I think it finally just gave out and died. But it is the perfect time for its death, cause I can send it in to get fixed today and I will be on vacation all next week. So it will be getting repaired while Im on vacation. It lined its death up rather well I think.

Still, its hard being without your main computer.

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