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Friday, May 27, 2005

Blog Day

Its just a blog day. Members of the "Brethren" are here at the office meeting with the big guys about church broadcasts. I think Elder Scott is here with 2 members of the 70. I heard a rumor that Elder Holland was coming too, but who knows. You can feel the tension in the office while they are meeting. We have lots of demo stuff setup so they can test things and see how the broadcast would work through us, and how you could also use the internet, voip, vid conferencing, etc, all on the same link that you would do the church broadcasts on. Currently the church's system will ONLY do broadcasts and thats it. So this will add alot more capability to their system and plus it will actually be cheaper than what they currently pay to just do video. There are some other features too that are pretty nice like the ability to do 40 languages on the same link instead of 1 like they do now.

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