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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No Wheels

Crystal learned to ride her bike yesterday. She was upset at the idea of having us put her training wheels back on, so we decided to just buck up and get her to ride without the wheels.

It was hard, I lightly held my hand around her neck to keep her steady and ran by her. Eventually, I would let go, she was very wobbly, but got very excited that she was able to stay up. I just told her to keep on pedaling no matter what. Eventually, I was just running by her and would sometimes catch her as she fell. As time went on, I quit running with her and just stood at our driveway while she rode around. It was just as exciting for me and Amy as it was for her. Amy had the video camera on the whole time too. Then she figured out how to turn around, and even how to slow down.

The hardest part was the learning how to get up by herself. She just kept falling over. When I went to help her she just said "dont help, I want to do it by myself". So I let her do it by herself. Probably about 10 mins and 20-30 falls, she got up once by herself. Then it only took 3-5 tries the second time. Then the 3rd time she was fine, now she can get up all by herself no problem. She was just loving it. She called both Grandmas to tell them about it. It was funny to watch her talk on the phone, cause she laid on the floor when she was talking about falling over. There was alot of actions involved in the phone conversation that the Grandma on the other end didnt get to see.

So all in all, it was a good day. Now we are going to have a problem keeping the kids out of the road. Crystal will no doubt head out all by herself to ride her bike, Rooker will most likely follow, and Bailey, will either sneak out with them or cry crocodile tears that she was left in the house.

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