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Monday, August 8, 2005

Websites, Warcraft, and Sick Kids

So much to tell.

Kids Sick
Rooker and Crystal have gotten a stomach flu. They have odd bowel movements and throw up anything they eat. They dont have much energy and sleep alot. Its been a pretty quiet day. Crystal got it last night and didnt sleep most the whole night along with her parents. Rooker got it today sometime after lunch and has been horrible all day. Crystal seems to be past it now. Who knows when it will hit Bailey or me or Amy, hopefully never.

World of Warcraft
I dont know anymore. I hit the highest level you can hit in the game (which is 60), and it is starting to lose some of its flavor for me. That and moms dream and kids being sick and blah and blah blah and blah blah blah adds up. Plus on the way back from Idaho this last weekend, I got another website making bug. So Im going to give this a try. Im gonna try and not play except on weekend evenings. Friday and Saturday night. And we will see if the game can still hold its interest for me. In the meantime, Im gonna work on the following websites.


- Family Site -
Its time again to redo a few things on my family website. I need to pretty it up some more and make some changes.

  • Pictures: You can create any type of directory structure for your pictures, not just arranged by date like they are now. PPl can post comments on each indivudual picture. You can put descriptions on them and they will all be searchable by description and filename. It will be really nice.

  • Blog, Password Manager, Personal Journal, Address Book
    Just like it is now

  • Themes
    Just gonna add some more

  • Forums
    I think it would be nice to be able to have your own forums on your website. And anyone should be able to register and make posts to your forums.

- Genealogy Website -
I really need to make an official genealogy version of my website/database product.

  • Forums
    Forums where anyone can register and make posts in your own forums. Also registered users will have the ability to upload files into the forums.

  • Files
    The ability for the website owner to upload any tupe of file, be it histories, pictures, GEDCOMs, PAF files, whatever. And they will all be publicly accessible.

  • Reunion Manager
    Not sure quite how to do this one yet. But basically I want a place for ppl to register for an upcoming reunion, make an order for shirts or whatever. And then at the reunion it would nice to check ppl in and stuff via the same thing. This is still in its thought process, but I want to do something like this.

  • Address Book
    Users who register should have access to an online address book which has data of everyone who has registered. Users should also have the option to not have their info shown in the public address book as well.

- Cisco Backbone Website -
I need this for work, and have been thinking about this for a long time. I have already done this type of website 5 or 6 times, but am going to do yet another version. Basically it will be a website where you can totally manage your Cisco Internet Backbone. It will have traffic graphs of every interface. A place to manage config backups of all your devices. It will have an online web manager to add commands to your routers over the web. It will also keep a database of all your devices, all their interfaces, all their IPs, and all their passwords etc. It will be really nice. Especially for the traffic graphs and the ability to pull the router configs from the web and look at them. Plus I will make a place to log device temperatures, memory and CPU loads and stuff on a daily basis to have a log of a devices progress. Also, each device will have a system of logs that you add to everytime you make a change on a device so you can see everything that has ever been done your internet backbone.

- Guild Website -
This will be real easy to do once I have already done these other 2 websites. Basically, all these ppl who play these online games like Warcraft, they all want websites for their "Guilds" which is like a club in the game of ppl who help each other out. They need forums, a place to post screenshots, a place to manage their guild rankings and stuff. This particular website I want to figure out how to make money with somehow. I might even try and sell the Cisco Backbone Manager too. We will see. But the family and genealogy websites will most likely be free.

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