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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Day 1 at Moms


Day 1 has gone by so far. In case you arent aware - we are at moms house while they are on a cruise. Basically the only one left is Joe so we are tending him.

Everything is generally pretty good. There is TONS of food to eat, lots of TV to watch, plenty of cars to use, its really a pretty easy job. The hardest part by far is Joseph. He likes to treat the kids like his older brothers have treated him his entire life. He atagonizes them. I dont put up with it, but he can be pretty relentless. But it seems no matter how much he does it, Crystal and Rooker just love playing with him anyway.

One of the things I TRULY love about this house, is the temperature of the basement. It is always soooo nice and cool. Amy thinks its freezing and piles the blankets on. But I love it, makes for a GREAT good nights sleep.

Everything at work is going pretty well. I stayed late every night last week and even overnight one night just cause there is so much to do. I can never accomplish my todo list. Im now going to be spending every Thursday night at the office from now on, just so I can hopefully finish the stuff on my list. Its nice being busy, and its been stuff I enjoy doing. Plus Phil Holmes is working with me now and he is fun to work with, and he is a really hard worker too, so we get TONS done. He is currently taking Cisco classes so he can help me manage the backbone. He gets 100% on almost all his tests, he seems to have a knack for it. I think he will like doing the Cisco stuff. I know I do.

Crystal is at the dentist right now, having her 7 cavities worked on. Its crazy she has so many. I dont think she minds though, cause everytime she goes there, the dentist somehow finds a toy in her teeth.

Anyway, thats it for now.

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