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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Boing Boing

We bought a trampoline today from Walmart. It was only $170 for a 14 foot one. Good deal. It took me about 1 hour to put together, Crystal could barely contain her excitement to jump on it. I think it was a good purchase, the kids are going to love it.

We just got back from our week long stay at my parents. Joe was a pain some of the time, he just loves to atagonize and manipulate Crystal and Rooker. I never put up with it when Im there, and he gets mad. I guess its his turn to have someone to pick on. We will see what it is like when Daniel gets back. Other than that, everything was just fine. We made Joe get up every morning by himself and get ready for school, which he did. He is pretty self-sufficient.

So Daniel gets home in 3 weeks or something. Crazy!!! I was just thinking back today on when it was my last month on the mission. I remember being super exicted knowing that I got to go home soon and start my real life with a job and stuff. I was excited about the idea of going to school and getting an apartment and having girls all over the place. I was excited to get a real job and earn my own money. I was excited to see my family again.

I also remember being scared that I would actually have to EARN my own money. It wouldnt just magically show up in my acct every month. I also remember being a little scared that I wasnt gonna know EXACTLY what I was supposed to be doing all the time. On the mission, pretty much every single minute is planned out every single day. At home, there is quite a bit of time where nothing is scheduled. It was awkward for me at first to have extra time. I felt like if I didnt spend that time reading the scriptures, then I was not doing what I was supposed to. But eventually somehow I got over it, spent it with girls, at movies, watching TV, whatever. But still, it was scary for me.

Anyway, it will be nice to have Daniel home.

So end of May, right after Memorial Day, Marie and Bryan are moving to Florida. I think Im gonna take that time off of work and go help them move. They have to do the whole thing in one trip, and they have 2 cars to drive down there. Its 3-4 day drive :( But I think it would be fun to hang out with them at hotels at night on the way down, and then to see Florida. Oh man, I LOVE Florida. Its beaches, warm air, palm trees, AHHH. It really is a beautiful state.

Mel and Ty brought their kids and came out tonight. Crystal and Rooker absolutely LOVE Spencer. They have LOTS of fun together. Mel just had her baby too, and he is a cutie.

So Ive been off the Warcraft game for over a week now. I cancelled my account again 2 Wednesdays ago. It has been nice not to have to deal with that time-sucker.

One thing I did realize while at my parents was how much I really dont like TV. I dont really have a "thing" that I need to watch on TV. I dont watch sports, Im not addicted to any reality shows, etc, so when I would turn on the TV, I would spend 15 minutes surfing through 200 channels, only to end up on some cartoon. This happened over and over and over, and just re-verified for me that I dont want to get a satellite dish. So 2 weeks ago, I was gonna get one to replace my game, but now, Im just not gonna do either. There must be some other hobby I can pick up?

Putting the tramp together really made me sore. My back aches, my arms ache, even my legs ache. So Im gonna go jump in a hot bath and go to bed.

Good Night.

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