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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

MDB 35

Memorial Day Breakfast was really fun. There was alot of cousins there this year, I think around 200.

We arrived around Friday afternoon. We just had dinner, hung out, and played a little softball. There were enough that night that we actually had 2 softball teams instead of just doing workup. It was really fun. Maddy and Crystal got some hay fever which made them rub their eyes a little, but it wasnt too bad.

Saturday morning everyone went golfing. I didnt go because our kids had a really hard time sleeping that night, as did we. The air matress that we had to sleep on, just wasnt the same as a real mattress, and I kept tossing and turning. Bailey was up and down till about 4am-ish, so when 6am came to get up and go golfing, I just decided to can it and get some sleep. We then went and had 10 cent hot dogs. They are pretty good, but you can tell they are cheap. There was so many cousins there it was scary. The parking lot was just PACKED! My kids especially liked the 10 cent snow cones, so we had alot of those. Most of Baileys made its way to her shirt. Then we went swimming for 2-3 hours. The kids really really enjoyed that. Bailey got very brave and started to wander. She musta swallowed 5 gallons of water. She was always coughing, but she just kept splashing and going. Then we went back for dinner and played PIG and lightning for awhile. Then the Oak City Dance was that night. That is always fun. Rooker and Bailey didnt last too long and Amy took them home to sleep. Crystal however went forever. She was askin lots of ppl to dance, it really made her look alot older. Her and Grandpa danced some too, she was loving that.

Sunday was a fairly slow day. We went to church, Daniel and Jacob spoke, they were really good. After church we had lunch, and then played 3-4 hours of softball. It was really really fun. I dont know why, but baseball is a blast. That night we had the bunko party and the program.

Monday morning was of course breakfast, we served about 970 this year. Me and my group prepared 17 5-gallon buckets of sourdough. The batter turned out really nice this year. Nice and thick. Then I had breakfast (eggs, ham, and pancakes....MMMM!) and then I went back to bed till cleanup time.

And that was about it. The kids didnt want to leave, Rooker kept saying "I wanna go back to Oak City house". Crystal was basically her own person the entire time, we just decided not to keep track of her all the time, and Im sure she just loved it. She mostly stay attached to Cami Lyman, she just loved her to pieces, not sure how much Cami enjoyed it though.

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