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Monday, May 15, 2006


Well, its been about forever since I have blogged. Tons has happened, and I mean tons. You have to blog or write in your journal fairly often, or you just fall so far behind you cant catch up.

So we put in a sandbox. Its fairly large. My dad and mom provided their boys with a HUGE sandbox, and I know how much I enjoyed it, even when I was older, it was still fun, so I made a 10' x 10' x 1' sandbox for our kids. They LOVE it. We put the trampoline over top of it to keep the sun off it. Its really nice. Even I enjoy playing with them in it. We put the hose on it a couple days ago and made rivers and lakes and had a blast. Then the next day we found a frog who had buried himself in the wet sand. The kids were loving that.

We also spent some time and money and put up about 120 fence posts around our entire yard. We subdivided the backyard, and a garden, and a petting zoo place, and a large horse corral area. Wether we actually do anything with all that has yet to be seen. But now that we got all the posts in, I am hesitant to spend the money on the actual fence and gates. It seems every year we get a tax return, then we budget out the entire return on things we wanna do for the house. Sprinkler system, front lawn, lawnmower, sandbox, trampoline, backlawn, firepit, fence, truck gates, roto-tiller, trees, blah blah blah blah blah blah. Then we have nothing left over. I dont think this is exactly how it is SUPPOSED to go, so I kinda put the brakes on all our projects, so as to leave us a little cushion in our savings this time instead of just spending it all. So I dont think we are doing a backyard, or gonna finish the fence, which means we wont be getting any animals this year or doing a garden. We will just do things one at a time as funds become available, but keeping our cushion this time.

The snakes are out. We see about 2-3 snakes per week. Some are rather large. They can usually be found on the roads, probably trying to get warm. We always stop the van and roll down the windows so the kids can look at them. Amy wont let them get out of the car - she cant stand them at all. She thinks they are the most disgusting things she has ever seen. I and the kids think they are awesome. If Shmamy werent around we would probably pick them up and play with them for a bit.

Tonight at Wal-mart I bought a T-Ball set and a real baseball glove for Crystal. Not one of those crappy plastic gloves from the kids section, but a real leather one from the sports section. I think she wants to do something, and I think she could enjoy baseball. We came home and setup the T-Ball set and she took some swings at it. I taught her how to hold the bat, and how to swing all the way around etc. It was pretty fun. Tomorrow we will work on catching and throwing the ball. She seems generally interested in playing, so we will run with it for awhile and see where it goes. Probably even put her on a T-Ball team. I let Rooker play a little bit too, but I could tell he was just a little too young, cause he still thinks the bat is a sword for slaying monster dragons.

Lyman Bros.. Oh man is that place busy. Everytime Rodger shows his face, its because we have a new #1 priority. Me and Brett joke about it, cause everything is a #1 priority, which means that nothing is. Today in a 3 hour meeting, during which we were being briefed on another #1 priority, me and Brett were joking that because the "#1 priority" idea has been so saturated, that now we have to come up with new ways to prioritize. Seeing as "#1 priority" is the base of all our assignments, we were trying to figure out ways to say that something was more priority than "#1 priority". But we couldnt really come up with anything, so I guess our entire todo list will just stay as all #1 priorities, meaning that none of them are #1 priorities.

Sadie had here baby. It is named Ryder James Jackson Lyman. I was joking with Joseph that now we have to name our next baby with 3 middle names just to one-up Eddie and Sadie.

Oh yeah, which reminds me, Amy is pregnant. About 1-2 weeks along. She likes to tell everyone the second after she finds out, and I really dont care. The only person you cant talk to about it is my Dad. He is bothered by talking about anything that isnt Andy Griffith or Getting Out Of Debt. Most other subjects are somewhat forbidden. But we talk about uncomfortable things around him anyway just to keep him down to earth.

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