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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Green Canyon

Green Canyon was simply awesome. We had alot of fun, and were ready to come home by the end of it all.

Friday afternoon we all took off from Fruit Heights. All meaning me, my fam, my Dad, Ed and Sades fam, Aunt Lisa's fam, Jacob Nielson and fam, Lacey and Eli Nielson, and Jeff and Angie Lyman. It was really fun. We made a short trip to fill up and then were on our way.

We arrived sometime in the later afternoon. We setup 6 HUGE tents for all those who showed up without tents (including us) and then we had a dinner prepared by Mike Lyman. It was these super nummy Cheese Wursts - holy crap they were good. Then it got late and we went to bed. We were pretty tired. I actually went back to town with E and Lacey to get some air matresses, which ended up being a really good decision. They were fairly comfortable, especially better then the hard ground beneath the tent.

Sat morning we got up and immediately went swimming. We just bought a day pass, and swam basically the whole day.

In case you didnt know, Green Canyon is a campground by a natural hot spring, which is used to fill a big swimming pool they have up there. It was really nice and warm. They also had a hot tub (which was super hot, the hottest tub I have ever had to sit in in my life. You could only sit in it for 5-10 mins, and then you were so hot, you had to get out.

Later that night we went on a hike, but the misquitoes ended up being so thick, we cut it short. We put on some Repellant before we headed out, but they just caked on our clothes, and bothered our ears to the point we couldnt take it.

We had dinner, swam till 10pm, then went to bed.

That next morning we all packed up. It took quite a bit of work to pack up that many families. Then my fam and Dad went to Grandma Mortensens to shower and attend her Sacrement Meeting at 1pm. After that we met the others and drove all around Sugar City where Dad grew up and went and saw Mesa Falls, which are some GIANT water falls. Rooker and Crystal loved it.

Later that evening we returned to Grandmas and went to swim in Uncle Jaces pond. He lives next door and dug a big pond in his field. In the middle is a big floating tramp and slide. It was really fun, me and Crystal and Rooker had a blast. We also got to meet Trevor and Lydia and their kid Cole, so that was good.

The next morning we went back to Fruit Heights, where Bailey was waiting for us since we left her there. Grandma had bought her a REALLY CUTE outfit that she was wearing. She was soo darn cute, I just had to eat her up with kisses and hugs. Man that little girl is just too much to handle.

She apparently had a great time at Grandmas with Libby (who also stayed).

So all in all, it was a great weekend.

Thanks to Dad for paying for all our gas, and for the camping lot, and the swimming passes. And thanks to Mom for tending Bailey while we did this whole thing. I seriously have the greatest parents EVER period!

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