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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mat Lyman Special

Ive been working on perfecting the Mat Lyman Special which I eat for dinner on most nights. It is soooo delicious, and much healthier than anything else I would eat.

Here is how it goes:

Cut some tomatoes into bite sized pieces.
Cut a green/red pepper into bit sized pieces.
Get 3-5 tiny baby dill pickles.
Get 3-4 pickled whole beets.
Get 5-8 green olives.
Cut 10-15 small bite sized slices of cucumber.

Put all that onto a plate. Pour cottage cheese over the top of everything. Then add salt and pepper. Then pour Catalina or Italian or Ranch dressing all over everything.

Then you just kinda pick away at everything with your fork. The combination of cottage cheese and anything on their is soooo delicious. I personally like Catalina dressing the most.

I always saw my dad eating it growing up, and snagging a bite here and there was always so good. Now I do it myself, and I love it!

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