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Monday, July 24, 2006

Camping and Fireworks

My fam and I went camping this last weekend. It was really nice. Dad let us borrow the big tent again and we went way up in the Grantsville Canyon, to the top where a campsite called Loop was. It was really pretty, lots of trees. The deer there must have been so used to the people, because they came right up to the campgrounds and would stare at you. Rooker kept saying he wanted to go talk to them, but they would run away if he got too close. It was pretty cool.

In the morning the tent was shaded, so we all slept in, it was really nice. It was soooo nice and cool up there, unlike down back at home where it was 107 degrees - BLUH! We packed up and came home.

Sunday after church we went out to Fruit Heights for dinner, games, and fireworks. It was really fun. We played alot of kickball and other games and Dance Dance Revolution. It was really fun. Then we started lighting fireworks when the sun started to go down. Joe had a billion crackle-bombs which the boys all threw at each other, it was pretty funny to watch us jump around when they exploded right by our feet. Bailey didnt like the bombs at all. She snuggled right up and jumped everytime the blasts would go off. She ended up in the house watching through the glass door.

We have soooo many games that we play as a family, I decided to write them all down so I wouldnt forget them. Ive started keeping track of them at There is a link at the top called "Lymanite Games". Ill keep adding as I remember more or as we make them up. You can also go into the game and click the "Printable" link so you can print out the instructions on your computer.

Now people wont have to call me all the time, and I wont have to rack my brain trying to remember how we played that. has kind of become a dump site for all the junk that I dont know what to do with. I dont store any video clips there though cause they take up too much space. So I stuck the games there for now, so I could refer to them later.

I added a new Dice Game called Sixes which looks pretty fun. I was just reading about it today. Next time we have a family get together, we will have to give it a try.

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