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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I have absolutely had it with Rooker pooping his pants. HAD IT! So 10 minutes ago, when I found out he had pooped his pants yet again, I began the same routine of asking WHY the heck he wont go in the toilet. He just gives the same old "ok" answers like always. Our little girl Bailey even goes in the toilet. But Rooker is taking FOREVER to figure it out.

So this time, I said "Well, if your not gonna poop in the toilet, youll just have to come outside so I can hose you off". I stripped him down and took him outside, dirty buns and all. Turned on the hose and made him stand still while I sprayed him down. It was obvious this wasnt as fun as having someone just wipe his bottom with wipes. He just kept jumping up and down yelling "its cold! its cold!"

I told him that from now on, everytime he doesnt poop in the toilet, I was going to have to hose him down with the cold water.

Who knows, maybe this tactic will work... maybe not.

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