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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Skunk Attack

So we just got home from Idaho, and we found we had a skunk living in our garage. Looks like he has been living off the cat food. Our animals didnt smell, so they must not have known he was there, or were too scared to go near. He was backed up in the corner of the garage behind the dog house, we could see the back of him. We didnt notice at first, but he musta let one go when Amy filled the cat food, cause WOOWEE did it stink!

So I grabbed a shovel and pulled the dog house out a little, and a bag of Noxall fell back there, and I think the skunk let another one go. Then he kinda sauntered towards Amy on the other side of the garage, wrapped around her leg, then sauntered out as if nothing was going on.

The stench made me gag and I had to walk out of the garage, I couldnt believe how bad those things stink! My eyes even started to water. I have to leave the garage open tonight so it will air out, then I guess I gotta go find out what he sprayed and burn it.

I truly had no idea they stunk so bad. I was sure glad to get rid of him though.

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