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Friday, September 15, 2006

Egg Fiasco

Amy went shopping this morning, so I thought I would make a choclate cake. We had everything we needed except eggs. The mix requires 3 eggs, and I only had 1. So I called my neighbor Jolene and asked if she had 2 eggs she could do without, which she of course did. So I ran over there and got the 2 eggs.

I was so excited for the cake, that I cracked the first egg open and dumped it in the sink... Not sure what I was thinking. Then Bailey grabbed the 2nd egg and cracked it open on the counter. So that was that.

I still wanted cake so bad I called my neighbor Tiffany and this time I asked for 3 eggs (leaving me room for 1 more mishap). She said that was fine and I ran over there are got them.

I actually got all 3 in the bowl this time though. And we finished making a delicious choclate cake.

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