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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Budget fall down go BOOM!

Life really is bigger than us. If its determined to make sure you dont get ahead, there really isnt much you can do.

Amy and I were able to accumulate about $8,000 for the baby and home improvements including a back lawn, a fence, and a sprinkler system. All was fine and dandy till Janurary, then everything got blown to smithereens. Car repairs are eating us alive.

+$8,000 - Sweet, we're rich
-$3,000 - Baby - this was planned
-$2,600 - Van transmission, unplanned
-$250 - Taurus Heater - planned
-$450 - Taurus water pump - unplanned
-$300 - Taurus oil gasket leak - unplanned
-$160 - 4 new/used tires on the truck - unplanned
-$200 - Truck 60,000 mile service - planned
-$250 - New hoses for truck - unplanned
-$240 - Added Taurus to insurance - planned
-$70 - Inspect and re-align tires on car - planned

That leaves us a woppin $480. La-dee-freakin-da!

Perhaps the idea of buying cheap used cars saves you money is pure crap. The monthly payment for a newer car looks like it would be cheaper than all these repairs. Unfortunately you get in a trap where you have already paid so much so you might as well do the rest blah blah blah blah and in the end you have a 10 billion dollar piece of junk.

Of course, the other way to look at it, is that it was sure nice that all our car repairs waited to happen when we had money. Those car repairs woulda killed us had it happened when we didnt have the money.

So I guess Im thankful. Frustrated, but thankful.

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