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Monday, March 26, 2007

Movie Weekend

This last weekend was full of movies for me, I saw 3 of them.

First I went and saw The Last Mimzy friday night. It was a really good story, but they didnt pull it off very well. But I enjoyed it anyway.

Then Saturday morning I saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I took Rooker and Crystal, and Daniel came with us. Watching the preview, it looked like it would be a fun kids movie, nothing big. But when I saw the movie, it was EXCELLENT. The storyline was good, the jokes were funny, it was serious enough not to be stupid, everything Splinter said was cool, and the fight scenes were freaking awesome!!! I loved it. It was WAY better than I thought it would be. Crystal and Rooker loved it too.

Saturday night me and Ed went and saw Shooter. This is a movie about a retired Army sniper who the government asks to help them stop a planned assassination attempt on the President of the US. But when it all goes down, it turns out they were framing him for the assassination attempt. He of course runs away, and then the rest is The Fugitive story with a sniper guy. It was really kind of fun to watch, and the sniping scenes were of course really cool. The ending was kinda stupid though. But all in all it was enjoyable.

So it was a good weekend for me.

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