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Monday, March 26, 2007


So last week me and Mike Lyman got to go to the VON show in San Jose California for 2 days. VON is Voice/Video on the Net. Its a show where vendors come and show everyone all their neat products for doing phone calls over the internet and video over the internet. There were some AMAZING products there too. Some of them we will be adding to the products we sell at Lyman Bros. Phone over the internet is getting so stinking cheap. I talked to one company who charged 1/2 a penny per minute anywhere in the US with no other fees at all period. Some other products were some in house systems that would do 16 phones and then calls over the net, and it was FREE!!! You just had to provide the PC to put the software on. Oh, and the phones are about $40 each. But still, it was really awesome.

Of course I spent alot of time in the hot tub at night. And we ate out alot. We went to a REALLY REALLY nice restaurant which reminded me of being on the cruise cause the service was amazing, but the hamburgers were $16! And that was about the cheapest thing on the menu. I order a steak wrap thing, and it was $24. It was pretty good, but not $24 good.

But anyway, the show was excellent, and Im glad I was able to go.

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