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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day 1 of my Maryland Trip

As none of you may know, I am in Maryland doing some training on a product for Lyman Brothers that will allow us to do phone calls over the internet and allow us to sell that to our customers. Like Vonage.

So yesterday morning I flew out and arrived at our hotel about 5pmish. Me and Phil Holmes are here together for the training. The very first thing we did is call the front desk and ask where a good sushi restaurant is, and they sent to us to the Ichiban Japanese/Korean restaurant. It was soooooooo amazing. WOW. And it was amazingly cheap. An entire sushi roll was only $3-$5 for dinner! Thats insane. So we got 3 rolls. Yummy! It was seriously one of the best meals I have ever had.

Then we came back to the hotel (The Hilton) and sat in the hot tub for about 45 minutes. It was excellent. Then we went to a couple stores, stocked up on candy and pop, and then back to the hotel to watch TV till we fell asleep.

Yeah, it was a super tough day, but I made it through.

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