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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 2 of my Maryland Trip

Yesterday was really cool. I went to my first actual training and it was very very interesting. The trainer guy is amazing. Some guys just have the ability to make perfect sense of something that seems complicated. I was loving it.

Then me and Phil drove to Globalsat to install a server that we are going to use, and then we went to the "Bottom of the Bay" restaurant which is where you pay $30 and its all you can eat crabs and shrimp. None of the crabs are shelled, and its not crab legs either, its the entire crab. You get a wooden mallet and you just start pounding the crabs to crack them open and pull out the meat. There really isnt very much meat in a crab, and it takes so long to crack em open and pull the meat out, that you end spending about 2 hours eating and watching TV and just chatting. Its pretty fun.

Anyway, back to day 3 of my trip.

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