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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saddest Ever

Bailey is the most adorable little girl ever. She really has me very emotionally wrapped up in her. It breaks my heart to see her upset, and it makes me the happiest father in the world to see her happy. I dont know what it is with her, but she is just so....ah, I cant explain it.

Well this evening Amy went shopping and the house desperately needed a cleaning. So I sent all 3 kids upstairs to throw all their toys in the bucket. It really is a very simple task. I meanwhile cleaned the main room and the kitchen and vacuumed. I had already accepted that getting them to actually clean would take some time and a little frustration.

So I went up and checked, and of course, not a single thing had been done, so I got on their cases a little blah blah blah eventually Crystal and Rooker were doing an excellent job of cleaning... but not Bailey. She absolutely refused to clean and instead was chasing our cats around the house. I told her 3-4 times that I was making Ramen Noodles and she could only have some if she helped clean. I know she got the message each time, but she refused to help.

Well, the room finally got cleaned and I made Ramen Noodles, but I only dished enough for Rooker and Crystal. I saw the sudden change in face as it finally dawned on Bailey that I was not feeding her any noodles. "Where's my bowl Daddy?" My heart is already starting to bleed at this point. "Im sorry Bailey, but you didnt help clean up.". Tears form in her eyes as she says "But I hungry too Daddy". I reply "Why didnt you help clean up?". "Cause I didnt want to...Please Daddy? I so hungry." And it wasnt the bratty whiny type cry, it was clear to me that she was absolutely heart-broken that I wouldnt let her eat while Crystal and Rooker ate right in front of her.

I could barely even breathe and my heart felt like a 1000 pounds trying to deal with this.

Eventually me and her went back upstairs and we picked up some popcorn, wrappers, and other misc, then she helped me vaccuum, AND THEN we came down and I made her some noodles.

I think all I was trying to accomplish was to let her know that I was serious so she wont doubt me so easily next time.

But it just about killed me to pull that off, Im not sure I could do it again.

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