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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Radio Bible Preacher

Every once in awhile I listen to 95.5 FM and sometimes I get the opportunity to hear a preacher preaching the Bible. I actually enjoy it alot. They generally have some amazing insights into some of the Bible stories, and I enjoy listening to them tell about them.

But this morning I was listening to another one about the Abraham and Isaac story and Sarah getting pregnant when she was super old, and the preacher broke off for a sec to tell a story he remembered that made me laugh. It went like this.

Bill and Helen had been married for almost 65 years, and Bill could tell that his wife was getting hard of hearing because he would have to repeat things 2 or 3 times before his wife would respond to him. It began to annoy him very much. So one day he decided to find out exactly how deaf she was so that he would know how close he had to be for her to hear him when he tried to talk to her.

So Bill stood at the back of the room and quite loudly said "HELEN!".
She didnt respond at all.

So he walked 1/2 way across the room to her and again loudly exclaimed "HELEN!!".
Again, not a peep in response back to him.

Somewhat annoyed, he walked right up to her and said "HELEN!!!"
to which she looked at him and loudly said "FOR THE THIRD TIME, WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!".


I was bustin up. What a great story. Bible preachers rule!

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