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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Totally Unappreciative

Every now and then Bridger gets kinda needy. If you lay him down, he immediately starts to whine and cry like a little baby. He isnt hungry or anything, just being a baby.

Ive looked him straight in the face many times and told him that he has absolutely NOTHING to be upset about, he has every single luxury given to him. He is surrounded by people responding to his every single need be it hunger, diaper change, clothes change, sitting him up, helping him roll over, buckling him up for a drive, feeding him, etc etc etc. He lives in a nice warm house, he has a soft warm bed to sleep in, he has clothes to change into if his current ones get dirty, he has food to eat when he is hungry, his diapers are nice and comfortable, and he gets rocked to sleep every single night, and if he wakes up hungry at 3am, within 5 minutes he gets fed and rocked back to sleep. Honestly, what could he possible have to complain about?

Not 10 seconds after my speech, he goes right back to whining and crying cause "someone left me alone for 10 whole seconds, waaaaaah".

Not a single thing to be upset about, yet he complains.

And you know what?

I am the same exact way.

Every luxury given to me, every need met, and yet totally unappreciative.

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