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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Busy Weekend

Phew its been a busy 2 days. Kids have all been in Idaho with Grandma Jan, so we been working our tails off on the yard. We just barely finished putting 4 trees in and putting lots and lots of white rock on the west side of the house to make a giant parking lot. It looks really really really nice. The trees really add life and variety to the front yard. We still have one more locust tree coming in this next week that we have to put in. We bought a bigger River Birch that was $149, but when we tried to put it in, it kinda fell apart - really fell apart.....ok, the entire root casing COMPLETELY fell apart. But I did my best to set the root, and pack soil around everything and I used water to make sure there were no holes or empty places etc. Its look good now....but we shall see. Amy thinks it will die, but I like the quote from Jurassic Park "life finds a way". We should know in the next few weeks. Otherwise its $149 down the drain. It sure is a pretty tree though.

I also added some shelves to the basement for storage. And of course the garage looks fantastic now. So all in all it was an amazing weekend. An expensive one, but well worth it.

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