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Friday, May 18, 2007


Well, I have finally caved. Ive decided Ive lamented about my garage being too small for long enough. Its time I face the fact that I will never park a car in there, and only use it for storage. So today I went to Home Depot, spent a million billion dollars and got lots and lots and lots of shelves and tool organizers and shtuff. I spent about 6 hours putting everything together, and the result is wonderful. Almost everything that has been sitting on my garage floor is up on shelves and out of the way. There is actually room to walk around in the garage. The only things on the garage floor are the kids bikes and the freezer. Thats it. I got clamp things that grab your big tools like shovels and rakes and stuff and hold them against the wall. I got soooo many shelves. But the garage looks great, best its ever looked.

Feels good to finally move on with my life.

Tomorrow Im hoping to plant 6 trees in the front yard. Just having trouble finding the ones I want. But I still have one more place to look, the local Hogan Tree Farm just up the street from us. I guess its good to support the local economy anyway.

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