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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Ok, so I bought this game called Carcassone. Its a board game... kind of. Its a tile game I guess. You lay tiles to create the board as you go along.

Basically you are creating the township of Carcassone in France. You lay tiles that have roads, cities, farmland, rivers, inns, towers, and some other things. Every tile has to match all its surrounding tiles so you create a nice map of the area. Then you can claim 1 thing on your tile, like the city, farm, or road. When something you have claimed gets completed, you get points for it.

It was a blast. Its like a really fun version of chess.

There are 5 expansions to it that I have all of also. Me and Ed tried a game with every single expansion. Wow! It was sooo much fun. It takes about 1.5 hours with all the expansions, but it was the most awesome game. With the expansions you can add pigs to your farms, build towers to take prisoners, there is a dragon that roams around and eats others, even giant rivers, and tunnels under the cities. It seriously is a blast! I am soooooo glad I bought it. I got mine from a local place for around $70, but I saw it on Amazon for $48. I bought the Carcassone Big Box, which has all the expansions included.

Seriously, best board, er, tile game, EVER!

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