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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

MDB 36

Just got back from the 36th annual Memorial Day Breakfast. It was really fun this year. I went down Thursday evening and took all the kids to give Amy some time alone to do whatever. She did ALOT of clearning and the basement looks awesome!

Thursday we just hung out and did nothing. Lavelle cooked some Ribs, TBones, Corn, and stuff and it was DELICIOUS!!! I was loving it.

Friday ppl started showing up. We just hung out some more, ate a TON of food, me and mom played a game called Tikal alot, it is pretty fun. Then that night me and Ed figured out how to play Carcassone which is a FANTASTIC game, so fantastic in fact, that I will start a blog just for that game.

Saturday morning was the golf tournament. I stayed home cause I had the kids and Amy showed up about 11ish. At 12 we all went to Delta to eat hot dogs. I had a really bad headache cause I stayed up so late playing Carcassone and Killer Bunnies with Ed. So I didnt participate much with the Hot Dogs till the end when my headache subsided. Then we went swimming. Crystal just went off all by herself all over the pool. I kept an eye on her MOST of the time, but she seems to have grown so fast its scary. She is her own person. Rooker and Bailey stayed pretty close to me.

After swimming we all went back to Oak City, did alot of visiting, made fun or Shay cause of his giant motor home, then played some softball and went to the Oak City Dance that night. They had an AMAZING fiddler there. And the music was of course fantastic. Crystal just kept going and wouldnt stop. Rooker and Bailey both crashed and I took them home sometime during the dance. Crystal did the Bunny Hop and Hokey Pokey too. She had WAY more endurance than me.

Sunday was church, bunko, the pig finals, and the program. Ed was sick or something so I did the Bunko game. It was actually funny to watch everyone yelling and getting all excited about winning. Sadie won the pig contest against Mason which was fantastic. She kinda smoked him. Everyone was cheering super loud, and she had one of those super happy yet somewhat embarrased smiles. I was laughing. Then we had the program and red velvet cake. After all that I had a billion little girls helping me stir 17 buckets of pancake batter. It took about 1 hour and was very tiring, but I still enjoy it. I actually dont mind the smell of the sourdough either.

Monday was the big breakfast. I showed up at 6, had some helpers do the butter, eggs, salt, sugar, and yeast and added all that to each of the buckets. The dough turned out really good. We did HEAPING scoops of sugar and it made a huge difference. The pancakes were soooo good. Yummy! After that was all prepared I went back and got Amy and the kids and we came back and ate. It was delicious.

Amy took off soon after that with the baby and Bailey, so me and Crystal and Rooker went to the cemetary for the program. They had full size flags at all the veterans graves, it was really cool. Rooker and Crystal were only there for the shooting of the rifles, which was really loud and made Rooker jump.

Then we just hung out, cleaned up moms house, and then eventually went home.

All in all it was a really nice weekend. I think the secret is to go to bed early enough (10-11pm) so that you feel good and refreshed for the next day's activities. Otherwise it makes it hard to enjoy them.

I feel bad for those who couldnt make it. There were soo many new kids and babies, there is no way you could keep track of all them without coming to the family get togethers.

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